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De Tomaso Modena SpA was an Italian car-manufacturing company. It was founded by the Argentine-born Alejandro de Tomaso (1928–2003) in Modena in 1959. The company went into liquidation in 2004.Despite this, new cars were still being made by De Tomaso as of 2005. As of 2008, the company is in liquidation, and a buyer is being sought for the De Tomaso trademarks, as per the court-appointed liquidators.
Originally, De Tomaso produced various prototypes and racing cars, including a Formula One car for Frank Williams's team in 1970.
From 1976-1993, De Tomaso owned legendary Italian sports car maker Maserati, and was responsible for producing cars including the Biturbo, the Kyalami, Quattroporte III, Karif, and the Chrysler TC. De Tomaso also owned motorcycle company Moto Guzzi from 1973-1993.

Jan 19, 2015
Used 1971 DeTomaso Pantera - $35,000 pictures, photos and images
1971 DeTomaso Pantera - $35,000

The chassis is 01838 with a 5.8-litre Ford Cleveland V8 engine! First owner was TBC, USA. This is a first year in the U.S. car with a ground up restoration! Beautiful new red paint and new leather …