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Merkur, the German word for Mercury, was an automobile brand which was briefly marketed by Ford Motor Company in the United States and Canada from 1985 to 1989. The brand made only two entry-level luxury cars (as a smaller companion to Lincoln's large luxury cars).
Ford introduced the Merkur brand as a franchise separate from its other brands, and it was only offered to Lincoln-Mercury dealers, of which only about 800 accepted.
When the Merkur name was launched in North America, advertising and PR materials strongly urged the proper German pronunciation, "mare-coor". Below the Merkur badge was a script stating "FORD WERKE AG-Cologne, West Germany", indicating the car's place of manufacture.
Merkur eventually joined Packard and Chrysler's Imperial in the fray of defunct luxury automotive brands. In addition, Merkur was also the shortest-lived luxury automotive marque.

Dec 25, 2014
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1988 Merkur Scorpio
Doylestown PA

1988 Merkur Scorpio for sale. Hatchback. Engine: 2.9L V6. VIN: WF1BT81VOJE900189…